Baby, You’re a Firework: Tips to safely enjoy the 4th of July




One of the best things about summer is the seemingly endless abundance of picnics, parades, and baseball games. Many times fireworks are a fun part of these events. But how do you keep your newborn safe and secure while you are enjoying the festivities of the season? We have compiled a short list of things to remember when bringing your newborn on your summer escapades.




Sun Protection

If you are planning on spending the day outdoors it is important to make sure your newborn is properly protected from the sun. Babies under six months old have very thin skin that burns easily and it is not recommended to use sunscreen on them either.  So what is a parent to do? Make sure your newborn is wearing something with long sleeves and pants but is made of thin material so they do not overheat. A hat is also a great idea to keep the sun off their head and face. Remember to stay in the shade as much as possible and keep an eye on your newborn for signs they may be getting too much sun.


Noise Protection

If fireworks are part of your evening enjoyment take care to protect your newborns hearing. Don’t stand directly under the fireworks. If you can see the flash but there is a one second delay before you hear it, you are at a safe distance. You can also protect your child with noise canceling headphones or even earmuffs. Your baby carrier is NOT enough to protect them, so plan accordingly.


Bug Protection

The warm summer days and nights are a perfect breeding ground for insects that bite and sting. Your newborn will need protection from the bugs too. You can get a mosquito net for your infant car seat or stroller or you can purchase a travel infant bed with bug net.Baby-Infant-Portable-Folding-Travel-Bed-Crib-Canopy-Mosquito-Insect-Net-Tent-New



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