Your Doulas

Holly Yeager
Owner - Birth Doula, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, Your Birth Experience: Childbirth Education Instructor, Certified Lactation Counselor, Postpartum Doula and Infant Care Specialist.
Holly is a Professional Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula with ProDoula. She is also a certified placenta encapsulation specialist with both IPPA and ProDoula, a Certified Lactation Counselor, and a childbirth educator. Holly was drawn to doula work after experiencing the doula attended, healing birth of her second daughter. She loves to serve families through the incredible journey of childbirth. Holly has a deep well of knowledge about physiologic birth and can help you explore your own innate knowledge and power. Holly has been blessed to have experience with everything from breech home births to Cesarean hospital births. Her wiede range of experience makes her the perfect choice for your birth. Holly is vaccinated for COVID - 19 and goes by She/Her
Faith Boisen
Affiliated Doula - Birth Doula, Postpartum doula, Childbirth educaton, breastfeeding specialist
Faith is a certified Labor and Postpartum Doula, Infant Feeding specialist, and Childbirth Educator. She brings passion and a strong christian faith into her birth work. Faith has worked as a nurse aide and midwife assistant before becoming a doula and brings that expertise into her work. She is currently in nursing school. Faith is soft spoken, patient, and dedicated. Faith has experience with multiples, high risk pregnancies, VBAC, homebirth, IVF and fertility issues, and everything in between. She is the perfect addition to your birth and postpartum team. Faith is vaccinated for COVID - 19 and goes by She /Her
Nyah Lutz
Affiliated Doula - Postpartum doula, Birth Doula
Nyah is an experienced nanny and has used her passion for children and families to bridge the gap into birth and postpartum doula work. Don't let her age fool you, Nyah has a wealth of knowledge and skills to make your birth and postpartum journey everything your hoping for. She loves helping her clients understand the birth process and their options. Nyah is excellent at anticipating her clients needs. She is an expert postpartum with twins and preemies. Nyah has a bubbly personality and is eager to help as you welcome your newborn home. Not only is she an amazing support person, she will soon become a trusted friend. Nyah is COVID vaccinated and goes by She/Her
Alice Ziegler
Affiliated Doula - Postpartum doula, Birth Doula
Alice comes to us after years of working in home health care. She has been drawn to the concept of doulaship through her caretaking work with animals, friends, and the disabled community. As she grows her skill set she is interested in pursuing end of life doula services. She is passionate about non biased support and holding space for families in all forms. Alice is experianced with twins and multiples, loves making nutrition an important part of her care, and is great at helping you reach into yourself and finding your own innate knowledge and power. Alice is COVID vaccinated and goes by She/Her
Yanesa Labarriere
Affiliated Doula - Postpartum doula
Yanesa is a natural caregiber who's love for children has led her to become a doula. She is working to further her education in Nursing as a NICU nurse. Taking care of babies is nothing new, being the oldest sibbling. She brings her knowledge of helping to raise twins along with babysitting experience. Yanesa is kind, patient, and warm-hearted. She uses these qualities to help you welcome your newborn(s) home. Yanesa is COVID vaccinated and goes by She/Her
Hannah Lease
Affiliated Doula - Birth and Postpartum doula
Hannah is a Certified Birth and Postpartum/Infant Care Doula. Hannah is working towards becoming a certified lactation counselor and becoming a spinning babies instructor. She is a mother to two, and brings her experience from her own births to help other mothers navigate through the beautiful transition into motherhood. With a soft and warm personalitly as well as a strong knowledge of birth she is an amazing birth doula. She can help you troubleshoot postpartum baby issues, create good routines, and treat you like family postpartum. Hannah is COVID -19 Vaccinated and goes by She/Her
Norma Vazquez
Affiliated Doula - Postpartum doula, Birth Doula, Lactation specialist
Norma is passionate about breastfeeding and Lactation support. Through her community outreach she has been able to help hundreds of people have successful breastfeeding stories. She is kind and experienced with single babies, multiples, premature, and high risk babies. Norma is COVID vaccinated and goes by She / Her
Jennifer Ziegler
Affiliated Doula - Postpartum doula, Birth Doula
Jennifer is the mother of three adult children, one of which, Alice, inspired her to join her in becoming a doula. They enjoy working together and growing in this amazing community. After raising her own children, Jennifer is excited to help you step into your new parenting role. Jennifer is comforting and experianced. If you are looking for a mother figure to wrap you in a warm hug (both physically and metaphorically) She is your doula! Jennifer is COVID vaccinated and goes by She/Her
Grace Bankert
Affiliated Doula - Birth and Postpartum doula
Grace goes by She/Her
M'Nya Preston
Affiliated Doula - Birth and Postpartum doula, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Support
M'Nya was awarded a coveted scolarship through Black Mothers in Power to take her doula workshops with Bellies to Babies Holistic. She is working through the doula certification process, while in school to become an Obstetrician. She teaches Childbirth Education and offers Lactation Support as well. She is available to take clients in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. M'Nya is COVID - 19 vaccinated and goes by She/Her
Tina Palombo
Affiliated Doula - Postpartum doula
Tina is training to be a postpartum doula but has years of experiance taking care of mothers and babies. She is an outdoor enthusiast with a love of hiking and roller derby. Tina is available for limited weekend overnights. Tina is COVID vaccinated and goes by She/Her
Shayona Walker
Affiliated Doula - Birth and Postpartum doula, Lactation Support
Shayona is a certified Birth doula , postpartum doula & breastfeeding counselor through International Doula Institute. She is working towards becoming a child birth educator. Being a mother of two she has a lot of personal experiance in understanding transitions and creating routines. She is available to take clients in the Philadelphia area. Shayona is COVID - 19 vaccinated and goes by She/Her