Postpartum Doula and Infant Care Specialist

Imagine you just had your baby(s). You are surrounded by support from an amazing staff. You have a lactation counselor available to help with breastfeeding. All of your baby care questions are answered and you have meals brought to you throughout the day. You are getting plenty of rest and your partner and older children are able to keep their routine.

Sounds amazing doesn’t it?

This is the power of a Postpartum Doula. Your Postpartum Doula is an expert in newly postpartum families. She is able to help you navigate through those early days and nights and give you the confidence to grow as a parent.

Your Doula can help you learn your baby’s cues.

At Lancaster Doulas, your postpartum doula is also an infant care specialist. She has the unique training and experience to attune to not just you but your baby. By teaching you the subtle clues your baby is giving you, you will be able to meet their needs quickly and confidently. Your doula can follow your parenting style and can give you tips and tricks to attain your unique goals.

It’s not just about the baby.

A postpartum doula supports the whole family. Unlike a night nurse who’s only focus is the baby, your doula helps the entire family adjust. From making dinner, to running errands, to keeping current routines in place your doula will help ease the transition for everyone. One of the most valuable aspects of having a postpartum doula is the time she spends with you and your family as you transition into your postpartum.





For your safety, we are the ONLY doula agency to ensure that all of our doulas are current on vaccinations and have current child abuse clearances.


Postpartum support is ALSO valuable for families who experience loss, bed rest during pregnancy (antepartum support), surrogate mothers, as well as families who are adopting.