What our clients have to say


“Just wanted to say how mentally rocked and awesome we both felt after our prenatal appointment last night! Talk about an emotional workout! It was a great experience and we feel a brand new peace with our birth process that we hadn’t found yet….Thank you so much !”

Jenna G. , Quarryville


I can’t thank the two of you enough for your support during my VBAC journey. Finding peace with my C-Section was a huge relief and allowed me to let go of my fears and disappointment to have a healing birth experience. We couldn’t have done it without you !!

Sara and Matt, Reading 


Lancaster Doulas are AMAZING! Holly was my birth Doula, who was very supportive and understanding throughout my pregnancy and TOLAC (Trial of labor after Cesarean). She met all my needs, especially my emotional needs. She was always available to talk to. She was there for me and listened to me when things became difficult. She gave me encouragement and stood by me when I had to fight for what I believed in and wanted in my birth experience. She helped me find my voice. Although my child’s birth did not go as I had hoped, Holly was there to support me and my husband through our difficult decision to have a repeat c-section, she was right by our side in the O.R. for the birth of our beautiful daughter, and she was there for support during recovery and postpartum. After my daughter’s birth, Holly kept in touch through e-mails and phone calls.
Lancaster Doulas not only provide great pregnancy and postpartum services, but other great services as well. I took advantage of the Tens Unit, which was a life saver during labor. I also got my placenta encapsulated and it turned into a tincture. Holly turned my daughter’s umbilical cord into the word “love” as a beautiful keepsake memento. I would like to Thank Holly and Gwen from the bottom of my heart for making my second pregnancy experience so much better.

Billie Jo, Reading


I just gave birth to my first child & I was in labor for 40 hours, which I previously would have thought sounded like a nightmare, but the actual experience was nothing short of magical thanks much in part to the guidance and support of Lancaster Doulas. I’m not sure I would have had the strength to stick to my guns and follow my birth preferences if it wasn’t for the loving coaching & reassurance of these two amazing doulas. They both were so instrumental in helping us prepare for the big day, in staying with us & calming me throughout the entire labor process, and in helping answer every single question I had about being a new mom weeks after. Having Lancaster Doulas involved in this experience reinforced my own confidence and strength as a new mom and I’m eternally grateful that I can remember our first birth forever as such a beautiful experience. We highly recommend them to all expectant mommies!

Holly & Clint , York

Lancaster Doulas are fabulous to work with. My doula was amazing during my delivery. She took charge and gave me my voice. She made sure the hospital followed my birth plan. Great with communication and very reliable. I would hire them again in a heart beat!

Elizabeth. Lancaster

I was very pleased with the placenta encapsulation service! I heard about so many benefits women receive from their placenta such as decreased postpartum depression, increased recovery time after delivery, increased energy, etc. When I found out there were doulas willing to make capsules out of my placenta I thought, “What do I have to lose?” When I first inquired about the process, I received more than enough information about it very quickly. I had no idea there were so many options and so many things they can do with your placenta! I opted for the placenta encapsulation and the placenta tincture. My hospital was perfectly fine with me keeping my placenta as long as it was healthy, but I did have to sign a waiver. All I had to do was call one of the doulas when I was in labor, and she came to the hospital the next day to pick up my placenta. It took her a few days to prepare the capsules, and she brought them back to the hospital for me when they were finished. The whole process was very easy and affordable. I had a very difficult labor. They had to induce me with pitocin because my water broke before labor started. I was in labor for 36 hours, but I did not dilate past 5 centimeters. They ended up having to do a C-section. So I basically had to recover from labor and surgery. Luckily, the placenta capsules really seemed to help! Every time I had a visitor within the next few weeks, they were surprised at how fast I was recovering. I felt great! I was able to walk around and go about my daily activities with minimal pain within a few days of starting the capsules. I also felt great emotionally. I was in a better state of mind a few days after delivery than I was my entire pregnancy! I am now 7 weeks postpartum. I have finished the capsules, and I’m very pleased with the results. I also just received my placenta tincture yesterday (this takes longer to make). The tincture is awesome because it virtually never expires. I can use the tincture when I have PMS symptoms, and I can even save it for when I’m in menopause to help relieve symptoms. What could be better than replacing your decreasing hormones with hormones you actually made yourself when you were pregnant? Overall, I am very pleased with the entire service, and I will do this again after my next pregnancy for sure!

Lauren Topper


The placenta services offered via Lancaster Doulas are top notch. Every question I could have thought of was answered either via my initial consult or within hours of sending an email. It was very easy to get in touch with a live human via phone as well, something so special these days. I feel energized and even taking my capsules each day. I will recommend Lancaster Doulas to all of my friends and family members. Thank you again to the whole staff!

Jessica Cratty, Lancaster 

Mallory was great with my wife the morning of her C Section. My wife was nervous, anxious, and had a specific plan in mind & Mallary was there to support her. There was massages, laughter, favorite bands and attractive lead singer talk haha!!!
After our little rainbow baby was here Mallary was there with breastfeeding help and advice.
Overall, my wife had a beautiful natural birth plan which turned into a planned C Section and both Holly and Mallary where there to answer questions, show support, and help.

Gabe, Lemoyne 

Lancaster Doulas were amazing! I got more than I was expecting and I’m still reaping the rewards of their services. I was met with extremely compassionate, loving and caring women who empowered me to make educational / informed decisions about my pregnancy, labor and delivery. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my delivery and couldn’t recommend Holly and Mallary enough as a powerhouse Doula team! If I could rate them higher than 5 stars I would.

Christine G. , York 


We feel so blessed that you have been part of our baby journey! You helped make our experience feel safe and special! We are grateful for all of your help as we went from being a couple to a family. You are so gifted with people and a talented doula

Jenna and Steven, West Chester