The scoop on Poop

We get lots of questions about baby care, but the most frequent center around poop. From the moment our babies are born we become obsessed with the stuff. Why all the fuss? As a new parent my may be surprised at how much you think about poop,. The parental instincts that kick in every time you notice a change in your baby's poop are essential to catching a problem right away. The first poop: Your care provider will want to...Read More

Baby, You’re a Firework: Tips to safely enjoy the 4th of July

    One of the best things about summer is the seemingly endless abundance of picnics, parades, and baseball games. Many times fireworks are a fun part of these events. But how do you keep your newborn safe and secure while you are enjoying the festivities of the season? We have compiled a short list of things to remember when bringing your newborn on your summer escapades.       Sun Protection If you are planning on spending the day outdoors it...Read More

Coolest Baby Gear for 2016

There are so many innovative gadgets and necessities coming out each and every year. Lancaster Doulas has dug up some of the coolest new baby gear on the market for you little bundle. 1. The Owlet The owlet is a sock that tracks your baby's heart rate and breathing and reports directly to your smart phone giving you an alarm if there is cause for concern. Unlike an under the mattress monitor, the owlet can go with baby wherever baby sleeps. No...Read More