Five Things I Know About the Olympics

When I was ten I took a soccer ball to the face and so ended my career in sports; but once every four years, something happens and I find a way to watch those svelte athletes run, jump, and push their way to world records, new challenges, and gold. Confession: I know very little about sports. But these are five things I do know.

  1. Simone Biles is my superhero. At 4’9” she’s dominating the floor with moves no one else in the whole world can do. Raised by her grandmother she’s defying the odds and staring every challenge down with poise, grace, and the ferocity each of us possesses to overcome and achieve.
  1. In the equestrian division, the horses wear cute little hats called ear bonnets and are perfectly suited to keep the flies away, muffle sound, and generally look posh. They are available for purchase and I’m curious if they would fit my dog. Even the best athletes need the right tools to get the job done.
  1. In early Olympic Games, athletes competed in five events: a foot race, wrestling, long jumping, discus, and javelin. At this year’s games, twenty-eight events are included. Women’s rugby being among them. Woman’s rugby was once described to me as “God’s Game” and I think maybe it is. The sheer force required to play is akin to divine strength and congers images of Greek gods. It leaves no room to question whether a woman has the strength to do any difficult task from taking possession of the ball to pushing a 10 lb baby out of their body.
  1. People are kind and generous and loving and peaceful. I love Olympic years because it takes away from the fearful, painful news we usually get. It’s this short time when we put aside our differences and watch a game. We cheer and hope and wish. We recognize the hard work these people have done to catch a glimpse of their dreams and through them we dream a little, too. Little girls who got a soccer ball to the nose shed that insecurity and realize: If I can put my mind to my dream—I CAN DO. And so can you.
  1. The Olympic motto this year is Viva Sua Paixao, ”Live your passion.” You don’t have to be an Olympian to do that. We look at these gods of athleticism and see that they are doing what they love; and win or lose, they play at the 2016 Olympic Games. Certainly not a small achievement. There are millions of people in the world and each has their own passion. It may be baking cupcakes, growing peas, playing Saturday afternoon football with the kids, helping women find empowerment in their birth. Whatever your passion, live it.


This blog was written by the talented Emilie Jenkins of Nesting Birth 

She is a Birth Doula Serving Bellingham, Washington and surrounding areas.

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