The Kitten Doula

My community is a  tight knit one. Everyone in the neighborhood knows I am a doula. Because of that, I am often stopped and asked how to help grandchildren or friends babies as I am walking the dog or playing with my own children in the yard. Secretly, I love it. My community knows what I do and values me and my profession.

This reputation as a helper and expert in babies is what prompted my neighbor Robin to stop by this week. You see, her son found a kitten and they did not know what to do. The mother was no where to be found and he was obviously too little to be on his own. They brought him to me for my expertise in babies.

I have only worked with human babies, I have no idea how to take care of this kitten. My husband and I hopped on google and got to researching. We estimate that this little baby is only about 3 weeks old based on his wobbly walk, open eyes, and ears that still fold over ever so slightly.

It tuns out, taking care of a kitten is very similar to taking care of your human newborn. Every 2-3 hours I mix  up special kitten formula and feed him from a dropper. Halfway through the feeding I gently pat or rub his back to burp him. Once he has eaten we take a warm, wet cotton ball and gently rub him to help him release urine (like a mother cat would do). We swaddle him and snuggle him back to sleep.

It has been a week and what a difference! He is starting to toddle around more and even become playful. It looks like kitty will make it and at some point we will have to give him a name. As for me, I think I will now forever be known in the neighborhood as the kitten doula.

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