The Kitten Doula

My community is a  tight knit one. Everyone in the neighborhood knows I am a doula. Because of that, I am often stopped and asked how to help grandchildren or friends babies as I am walking the dog or playing with my own children in the yard. Secretly, I love it. My community knows what I do and values me and my profession. This reputation as a helper and expert in babies is what prompted my neighbor Robin to stop...Read More

The scoop on Poop

We get lots of questions about baby care, but the most frequent center around poop. From the moment our babies are born we become obsessed with the stuff. Why all the fuss? As a new parent my may be surprised at how much you think about poop,. The parental instincts that kick in every time you notice a change in your baby's poop are essential to catching a problem right away. The first poop: Your care provider will want to...Read More

5 Easy Natural Baby Recipes You Can Make Yourself

5 Easy Natural Baby Recipes You Can Make Yourself If you are like me, then you try to use the most natural products you can find on your baby. Have you looked at the ingredients list of some of that stuff? Even some of the "All Natural" products are chock full of harmful chemicals and additives. So how can you be sure that only the very best ingredients are touching that adorable tush? Make your own! It is easier than...Read More