Imprint Birth Photographers

Introducing Imprint Birth Photographers!

Imprint is owned by two seasoned birth phtographers, Joyous Snyder and Kimberly Sanderson. Together they have over ten years of experiance photographing the birth room, where they have given stellar images to clients to remember their child’s first breath.

Besides photographing the births themselves, Kimberly and Joyous also have a team of photographers who are hand picked to bring their clients a calm, professional presence and a product that allows their clients to revisit the strength and story of their child’s first moments, time and time again.

Having a cooperative of photographers means that someone is always on call to cover your spontaneous birth!

Imprint has captured first breaths in all of Lancaster’s birthing venues, their work is extraordinary and comes with stunning reviews from happy clients.

One of the best things about Imprint is that they give the opportunity for all parties present in the birthing room not to worry about picking up the camera.  Keep your phone in your pocket, Dad! Grandma, don’t worry.  Your hands can be on your partner, supporting and loving, held together, and then around your baby.

If Imprint is taking the photo, that means that you, who is part of the strength and support in that room, are seen being a part of it.  The expression of the whole family when they meet their littlest member for the first time confirms love, realized hope and joy.  Imprint can help you remember all that happened, all while you barely realize their presence in the room.

Consider Imprint Birth Photographers for the arrival of your baby, you won’t regret it!

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