Imprint Birth Photographers

Introducing Imprint Birth Photographers! Imprint is owned by two seasoned birth phtographers, Joyous Snyder and Kimberly Sanderson. Together they have over ten years of experiance photographing the birth room, where they have given stellar images to clients to remember their child's first breath. Besides photographing the births themselves, Kimberly and Joyous also have a team of photographers who are hand picked to bring their clients a calm, professional presence and a product that allows their clients to revisit the strength...Read More

A Breech Home Birth

Being a doula means that every once in a while I am privy to an amazing birth experience. This is one of those experiences that will stay with me for a life time. I was originally contacted by Nanette to be her birth doula but she decided to have her friend (an aspiring doula) by her side. She contacted me again right before her due date asking if I would like to try my hand at photography. It was then...Read More