The Hottest Summer Names For Your Warm Weather Baby

Arroe – A fun alternate spelling of arrow that reminds us of summers spent at camp. Strong and flexible, she (or HE) is destined to lead the way for their peers. Arroe is fearless. She will forge her own path and never look back

Lucas – Lucas means “light”. What a perfect name for a baby born during the sunniest part of the year. Lucas has been steadily growing in popularity and it is easy to see why; classic with a twist of whimsy Lucas is a surefire hit.

Hudson – Hudson is such a fun name for your little boy. This name just screams summers on the river and splashing in the water.

Aiden – Meaning “little fire” this name is perfect for cool nights and s’mores.

Skye– Nothing reminds us of summer more than laying in the grass and sky watching.

Chasca – This name comes from the Inca and means goddess of the dawn. Whoah, we dare you to find a cooler name.

Pearl – If you live on the coast Pearl will remind you of summer oysters. It is also conveniently the birthstone of June which makes it a classic for your summer baby.

Daisy – Daisy is such a sweet name for your little flower. When I hear the name Daisy, I imagine beautiful little girls in pigtails and fancy dresses.

Summer – If your looking for the perfect summer name, why not just use Summer! This name has been gaining popularity again and is always a hit.

Eden – Another great name that reminds us of warm summer breezes and sitting in the cool shade under a big tree.

Aurora – Aurora means dawn and this name is both beautiful and strong. Aurora feels like a classic name, but has the spunk of a more modern name.

Calinda – Meaning sun in Hindi Calinda is a great name for your little girl, OR Kalinda for your son.

Hunter – Used as a last name for English and Scottish alike for hunters and bird catchers, this name is strong and feels traditional.

Lily – This sweet flower is a perfect name for your sweet little girl. The Lily is a symbol of purity and new beginnings.

Dayton – This unisex name means “bright and sunny”. A perfect name for any baby who brings sunshine into your life.

Iris – In Latin Iris means “bringer of joy”. We know your little Iris will bring you so much joy!

Lean – “the bright one” Lean is Scottish in origin and a great name for your baby boy who brightens your days.



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