Tricks For How To Eat Less Treats This Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. We have so much fun dressing up every year and visiting our neighbors. It is all my kids have been able to talk about for over a month.

Many parents though don’t want their kids snacking on the enormous amounts of candy that comes with the holiday. So how can you still enjoy the fun of Halloween without the candy fueled high that comes with it?

Here are a few suggestions that can make it a little easier!

Switch Witch

The Switch Witch is a crafty and cunning little fairy. She comes while your kids are sleeping and replaces their candy with toys and surprises! You can go all out and purchase the book and doll ( it’s almost like the Elf on a Shelf but Halloween themed ) or just make it up as you go. Either way, it is a fun new family tradition.

Candy Buyback

This is the method we use in our house. We believe it teaches our kids personal responsibility. They “sell” us their candy for $.10 a piece ( $.25 for large pieces ). They we all go to the store together and they can purchase a toy of their liking. They can choose to sell us as much or as little as they like. Whatever candy they have left is put in a cupboard and distributed slowly over the next few days or weeks.

Many dentist offices ( and other businesses ) also offer a Candy Buyback program where they give you $1 per pound. This is then packaged up and sent overseas to our troops. Here is a list of businesses that participate in the program.

Trunk or Treat

Many churches and schools are now doing Trunk or Treat. If you have not heard of it, everyone parks in a large parking lot and decorates their car/van trunk. Then the kids get to walk around in a safe parking lot from car to car collecting treats. Usually these are smaller events than the typical trick or treating and you can get your own toys and trinkets and distribute them ahead of your child. That way each trunk they visit they get a non-candy treat.

Teal Pumpkin

If you child is unable to enjoy candy because of a food allergy you can look for houses displaying a teal pumpkin. Many people have joined the movement to make Halloween fun and safe for everyone. Houses that offer non-candy treats will display a teal pumpkin as a signal to parents that they have allergy safe treats.

Do you use a method we did not talk about? Share it with us below!


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