World Breastfeeding Week 2015

Lancaster Doulas is excited to kick off World Breastfeeding Week!


We took to social media to ask women in our community their thoughts on breastfeeding. Here are there responses:


FB_IMG_1435281678451Jennifer Jacobs

(Jennifer Jacobs)

My favorite thing about breastfeeding is how easily it calms all of us.  If my littles are frustrated, or even if I am frustrated if we just sit down and breastfeed it gives us all a chance to calm down, but I do  sometimes get touched out and need a break and I don’t get one as often as I would like.



(Holly Yeager)

Breastfeeding has given me such an amazing bond between me and my children. I have cherished every moment I have gotten with them. The most heartbreaking thing was that each of my three children weaned themselves. I was not ready!!


image1Kimberly Harrington

(Kimberly Harrington)
My friends and family are all 100% supportive! In the beginning it was tough with my husbands family, because for generations way back that anyone could remember, I was the only family member to breastfeed!!!! I got the “if he is anything like his daddy, you can’t produce enough” but now they are all supporters!

 It has been the most amazing journey ever! I have never had an issue feeding my son in public, the bonding has been amazing, and best of all I don’t have to spray his cloth diaper! Breast milk is water soluble! We are going on 2 years of our nursing journey, without a single drop of formula! This was my ultimate goal throughout pregnancy was to breastfeed, and I did it!!! 


IMG_3098Amanda Duncan

(Amanda Duncan)

I love knowing that I am solely responsible for all the rolls my little man has, but I hate wearing  a bra all the time because of leaky boobs.
My friends and family, especially my husband, have been nothing but supportive of my breastfeeding journey. Including the fact that I am currently still nursing my 3 year old.


image1-1Julie DeLong

(Julie DeLong)

I love that I can make everything better!  If I can’t figure out what’s wrong or bothering my baby girl, I can nurse her and it solves all her problems. It’s an amazing moment as she calms and her eyes roll back in her head like there is nothing better. Recently I had a few days where I was not able to breastfeed my daughter. When I was finally able to nurse again I rushed home and it was then that I realized that as much as she needs the nourishment from me, I also need the tenderness and love from her.


2015-07-28 16.29.19Krystal Metzler

(Krystal Metzler)

I love the chance that breastfeeding gives me to regroup with my baby after work, and that I just have another reason to hold her. Since I have postpartum depression, it also helps me a lot mentally to know that I can bond with my baby this way.
I had trouble with my supply coming in, as well as with the latch, and my husband made all the meals in the house, took care of everything in regards to cleaning and shopping, and even helped position Diana. He was my biggest cheerleader.
I started breastfeeding as more of a means to an end because I didn’t feel like going out and making formula. Honestly, I didn’t do a lot of research about breastfeeding before Diana was born. I just knew it was something that I wanted to do; never would I have expected to be as passionate about breastfeeding, milk donation and supporting women’s rights to breastfeed in public. I also never thought I’d be someone who wanted to breastfeed after 6 months. It has a way of changing a person.
SherlynSherlyn Moyer

(Sherlyn Moyer)

With my first breastfeeding was our special time, our time for one on one, I loved just looking into his eyes. With my second it became a bonding experience with my oldest son and of course myself. They love their nurse sessions together! When my oldest isn’t nursing, but my youngest is, he is kissing his head, and cuddled up next to us.

I haven’t loved every minute of it! Yes you read that right! Breastfeeding is great, I love breastfeeding, but it’s not perfect at all times. It has its up and downs, but even with all the downs; leaky breasts, lopsided breasts, chomps, and the feeling of just wanting to be alone at times and not need to be so needed, the ups make it all worth it! Giving my boys the best nutrition there is, the bonding, the security they feel, the cuddles, the feeling of being needed and wanted makes every bit of the downs non existent. 



image1-2Melissa Isman
(Melissa Isman)
My favorite thing about breastfeeding is knowing that my body (that I’ve spent many years not liking very much) is providing my babies with everything they need. Once while I was still nursing my oldest son my husband looked at me dead serious and said, that’s crazy you’ve kept him alive for 5 months on just you milk! It had helped my body image greatly, since it’s hard to hate something that’s given you two beautiful gifts!
I’ve been blessed with an extremely supportive family. Even though I’m one of the very few to breastfeed in my family, I’ve received nothing but constant support & encouragement. 



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