My House or Yours?

Last year I made the decision to only offer placenta encapsulation in our clients homes. It was a completely different direction then all the other placenta encapsulators that I knew in our area, but I knew that it was the best decision for me and for Lancaster Doulas.

So what led me to change the standard?

Safety: Our clients love seeing our top notch sanitation process. It puts their minds at ease knowing that all of our Postpartum Placenta Specialists carry their bloodborne pathogen certification, and PA food safe handling certification along with their ProDoula Postpartum Placenta Specialist certification.

“Our placenta specialist showed us where our baby grew and was nourished. She really helped me

feel at ease with the process.”

Comfort: Because we serve our clients in the comfort of their homes, we can offer postpartum support during the encapsulation process. Many times clients have questions about breastfeeding or basic baby care and we are happy to help.

” She did my dishes and left my kitchen cleaner then she found it!”

Protection: By offering placenta encapsulation in our clients home, we are able to protect their microbiome. Your body is accustomed to the microorganisms in your home and by not removing your placenta from that environment we can mitigate the amount of foreign germs and bacteria your placenta comes into contact with.

” I thought it would be gross in my kitchen, but they steam it with ginger and lemon and it

actually smelled great!”

Professionalism: We work hard to build professional relationships with all local care providers to create a cohesive team and as such we have become the most trusted and recommended business by Midwives and Obstetricians in ReadingYork, and Lancaster.

” Lancaster Doulas came highly recommended by my midwife.”


Lancaster Doulas will continue to elevate the role of the professional doula and placenta specialist in Central PA. We are proud to be on the forefront of  new and evolving policies to protect you and your loved ones and to bring the highest standards of care. We promise to leave birth better than we found it.


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