Meet Your Doulas: Jenny Buckman

Meet Jenny Buckman

Jenny joined Lancaster Doulas in 2016 and has given loving and compassionate support to all the clients she has served. She is a strong and steady presence who can offer gentle guidance through all stages of pregnancy and postpartum.





It Starts With Passion:

Jenny has always been around children. As a teen she babysat for families in her community. As she grew into a young woman she completed collage with the intent to one day become a midwife. She put those dreams on hold to start a family with her loving husband. Now that her children are getting older she is excited to rekindle that passion for helping families through this transformative time.

On Her Off Time:

Jenny enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and three children. They enjoy skiing in the winter and beach adventures in the summer. Jenny is an active member in her children’s school as well as her church. She spends her off time working with families in need.

Her Magical Doula Powers:

Jenny has a calm and centering presence. She is soft spoken and kind, but also a strong and sturdy support. Her dedication and compassion for her clients is un-matched. She always knows the right thing to say and has an incredible amount of knowledge and experience.

Areas of Expertise:

Jenny enjoys working with families through birth and postpartum. She especially loves working with clients as they bring their baby(s) home and start their journey as a family.


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