Newborn Sleep

A brand new baby will sleep much of the time, waking every few hours for feedings. Many new parents have a lot of questions about how long and how often a newborn should sleep. Because newborns have such a small stomach they should be waking to be fed every 2-3 hours. How often your baby eats depends on what their nutritional needs are and what they are being fed. It is best to talk to your provider to see if...Read More

Finding (and loving) yourself again after baby

Remember stopping for gas and running into the store for a quick snack? Oh, to go back to that day when buying a pint of ice cream was as simple as unbuckling your seatbelt and walking into the store with your arms swaying by your side. How about when your clothes used to fit you? You could wear stuff made out of fancy materials like satin and glittery bits without getting little snot snail trails across them within ten minutes....Read More