The Other Red Cup – A Menstrual Cup Story

  There has been a lot of buzz in the news lately about toxic tampons and why you should not use them. The FDA states that tampons are safe and that the rumors are nothing more than the media drumming up controversy. Either way, I have been wanting to switch to a menstrual cup and I have taken this as my kick in the butt to give them a try. But which one should I choose? There are so many...Read More

The Discount Doula Trap: How It Could End Up Costing You More Than You Think

Times are tough for many these days. Do a google search for ways to cut monthly spending, and there is a whole list of suggestions from cutting back on your daily coffee to refinancing your home. Many times, choosing the generic brand or lower priced item, will in fact save you money without lowering the quality of the product. Doula care is NOT one of these items. There are essentially two types of doulas: Professional doulas and hobby doulas. For...Read More