Meet your doulas: Rebecca Mohr

Rebecca is a Postpartum Doula and aspiring Child and Adolescent Behavioral Counselor. She has a past career in nursing but is currently getting an education in the social work field. Rebecca has a passion for working with newborns and children, and loves helping new mothers find their niche. She believes in the beauty and serenity of childbirth and thrives on the use of holistic practices. Rebecca is a firm believer in the use of aromatherapy, massage, and meditation during the postpartum process. She likes to ensure that the parents are comfortable, hydrated and well-fed so they can enjoy caring for theor baby.

In her free time, she enjoys taking weekends to go camping with her husband and dog. They love to explore new areas, and their favorite spot so far has been Bar Harbor, Maine. Alongside pursuing her degree in social work, Rebecca also studies naturopathic medicine and holistic care practices. She enjoys starting her days with yoga, and she loves crafting, woodworking and painting. Rebecca would be blessed to assist you alongside the post-partum journey and bring you serenity, reassurance and joy in parenthood

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