Birth Doula

What if your best friend was an expert in childbirth?

The birth of a child is an extreamly intimate experience. Our doulas work with you prenatally to understand your wishes and desires. Then we use that knowledge to help you craft a truly unique birth. We take the time to understand what is important to you navigate you back on path when things go astray.

What if you had unlimited knowledge as you navigate your choices?

Your doula is an expert in all things baby. We stay up to date with ACOGS latest reccomendations so we can give you the very best information. We work with you to problem solve and make decissions in real time. Birth is never the same and we can nevery truly anticipate what twists and turns may arise. Having an expert with you during your birth can help you stay focused on your goals, and offer creative solutions.

What if your partner was just as supported as you?

The birth of a baby is a profound event. Many times partners are not sure how they fit into picture. We want to make sure your partner is supported in a way that allows them to participate at the level they feel most comfortable. We will work with you partner just as closely to make sure their needs are being met.